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Welcome to Mutao, the leading supplier of exceptional multi-disc sludge dewatering machines, sludge paddle dryer, polymer preparation unit, screw press dewatering machine, etc. Boasting a profound heritage of knowledge and commitment to excellence, we specialize in providing advanced solutions for efficient sludge dewatering in various industries.

Ideal for numerous uses such as municipal sewage treatment, industrial processes, leather production, paper mills, tannery industry, food production, and beyond.

Other Sludge Dewatering Equipments We Made

Sludge Paddle Dryer

Using steam, gas, electricity as heat source to dry the wet sludge from Screw press/ belt press/ decanter/filter press down to 30% and below.

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polymer preparation unit

Polymer Preparation Unit

Automatic dosing unit, powder/liquid polymer feeding available

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screw press sludge dewatering

Screw Press Sludge Dewatering

also called multi disc sludge dewatering, dewatering screw press, etc. one of most efficient way to dewatering the sludge from DAF unit, etc.

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Multi Disc Sludge Dewatering Applications

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Slaughterhouse Wastewater: In slaughterhouses, these machines are critical for managing the high-strength wastewater that contains blood, fat, and other organic materials, ensuring that the waste can be treated effectively before disposal or further use.

Oil and Gas Industry: Helps in managing the slurry and other by-products of oil extraction and refining.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment: These machines are used in municipal wastewater facilities to separate sludge into liquid and solid components, making it easier and more cost-effective to handle and dispose of the waste.

Industrial Processes: Industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing facilities use multi-disc sludge dewatering machines to manage waste products produced during manufacturing processes.

Tanneries: Tanneries employ these machines to deal with the heavy sludge resulting from leather processing, which contains high levels of contaminants and solid waste.

Paper Mills: In the paper production industry, sludge dewatering equipment helps in handling the by-products of paper manufacturing, which include organic materials and chemicals.

Agriculture: Used for managing animal waste, particularly in large-scale livestock operations, helping to convert sludge into compost or bioenergy.



Multi Disc Sludge Dewatering Benefits

Manufacturers have widely used paper box packaging as it provide users with convenient storage and functional packaging that is appealing and easy to carry. Additionally, manufactured in all shapes and sizes using recycled material, these paper boxes are exceptionally safe for the environment:
  • Sustainability: Unlike plastic packaging, paper boxes are made from renewable resources and are easily recyclable;
  • Customization: Paper boxes offer various customization options (i.e., color, shape, material, design, logo, and size);
  • Cost-effectiveness: Paper boxes are a cost-effective packaging solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Simple recycling: Paper can be recycled up to six times before burial or disposal, so the amount of solid waste is also considerably limited.
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Our Multi Disc Sludge Dewatering Factory

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Multi Disc Sludge Dewatering FAQs

Currently we have Multi disc sludge dewatering, sludge paddle dryer, polymer make up unit, sludge conveyor, etc

We use SS304/SS316L for multi disc sludge dewatering and other products, Schneider components, ABB/SEW reducer motors. 

Yes, we can provide custom solution for different project requirements.

Normally 20days after receiving deposit.

Pre-Operation Checks

Prior to operating the unit, the following checks should be undertaken.

Check that the flash-mixing and flocculation tanks are free of any objects that may interfere with the rotation of the mixing impellers.

Check that power is on at the unit (indicated by the white light on the outside door of the control panel).

Check the endplates of the unit. Check that these are free of dried solids, that the gap is set correctly, and that the set screws are tightened。

Check that the polymer preparation and storage system is ready to be used with the dosing pump primed and water supply to the dosing system on.

Check that all relevant valves are open, allowing the flow of sludge to the unit.

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